Irena Tokarzova Szumanova

(born in Czech Republic), composer.
Selected works: Piano Etude; Four Inventions for Piano; Zablesky zevnitr, for cello and piano; Trio for clarinet, violin, and piano; Septet for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, violin, viola, violoncello and piano; Rocks and Stones, for trumpet, percussion and piano; , Ctyri vety na Izaiase, for soprano, paino and strings; Women, melodrama on text of Lech Nierostek.

Iréne Sahlin

(born in Östersund, 1972, resident Gävle/Sweden), is a composer within the EAM, live electronic and sound art fileds. Sahlin also writes for dance performances and often combines light and sound in her works. Sahlin started to write poetry at an early age and she sang. Later on she shifted into composing song lyrics and music. In 1991 her musical interest developed in a more serious direction, expressed primarily in music composition, but also in collaborations with other musicians in various projects. In 2002 she turned to electro acoustic music and sound art, and two years later she founded the electronic-experimental duo Moneeo. Sahlin's EAM works have been performed in Cuba, France, Romania, Turkey, Greece, in the US and around Sweden. She is an active composer at the institute for digital arts, IDKA. She is a member of SEAMS (Society for Electro Acoustic Music in Sweden), ISCM and FST (Society of Swedish Composers). Besides music, she also does photography..
Selected works: Beyond the bridge, 2007, for EAM; Voice of Jen, 2010, for EAM; Valsverk Around731, 2008, for EAM; Therefore I break 1 sound, for EAM; Oxygene harddrive ouvertyr, for EAM; In your waitingroom, for EAM.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB
Awards, selection: 2013, Gävle Kommuns Culture grant; 2012, FST, (Society of Swedish Composers); 2010, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee working grant; 2009, Gävle Kommun Culture grant; 2009, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee working grant.

Isabel Soveral

Born in 1961 in Oporto she studied at the Portuguese National Conservatoire with the composers Jorge Peixinho and Joly Braga Santos. In 1988, she attended the State University of New York at Stony Brook in order to complete the university's master's and doctoral programmes. During her studies in Stony Brook, she began working with electronic material in her cycle Metamorphoses, which includes the work Quadramorphosis for four percussionists and electronics, and the series Anamorphoses, which includes a number of pieces with electronics. Her music has been performed in many countries.