Grana Stojković

(Trešnjanci, Bela Palanka, 26th September, 1955), began her musical education in the Mokranjać Music School in Belgrade and later studied composition in the Faculty of Music in the same city with Enriko Josif. She has written works for unusual ensembles including one for a flute choir, inspired by the excellent ensemble directed by flautist Miodrag Azanjać. One detects a strong folkloristic influence in her works, where she uses this as a source of melodic material, not quotations but from use of the materials are used, from the ―singing matter of our soil” as Miodrag Azanjać has explained. Her works for the ensemble include Slovo ljubve, Trenos and Santa Maria della Salute.

Helle Solberg

(born in Denmark 1968, resident in Sweden), is a Norwegian, Danish/Swedish contemporary composer based in Sweden. She has written music for ensembles and artists from many different countries. She also wrote the music for the F.W.Murnaus classic silent movie Nosferato, 1922, premiered at the Danish Film Institute in 2001. After the premiere, the music was performed live with the film over 30 times by The Geir Draugsvoll/Mattias Rodrick Duo in Euorpe. In 1998-2004 she wrote music for several short films and documentaries which were shown at film festivals in Edingburgh and London and broadcast on TV-channels like DR, BBC World, Discovery and Channel 4. During her studies at the Royal College of Music in London, Solberg won the first prize in The Adrian Cruft Competition with her string Quartet, Small Thoughts for String Quartet. Her music has been performed in the Scandinavian countries and Canada. Solberg has directed composition projects for students in London as well as in Sweden in Malmö and Helsingborg and other cities where she was the moderator. The result of the students' compositions was performed by the symphony orchestras in the respective cities. Nowadays Solberg is the manager at Smålands Musik & Teater. She is also a discourser in contemporary music and projecting and music pedagogic operations for children.
Selected works: Small Changes, for chamber ensemble; Et Gjensyn, mini opera, com. by MiN-Ensemblet, Norway.

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Inma Serrano

(born in 1968 in Alicante, Spain). Singer and band songwriter. She has lived in Alicante, Valencia, Barcelona, and Madrid. In her first album Inma Serrano she worked with Antonio Carmona and in the second album, entitled Cantos de sirena, collaborated Cristina del Valle, promoting it at the Teatro Gran Rex Argentina. In 2003, she created the record label Cerebro Demente Records.. With this record company, she released "Soy capaz y pequeñas joyas" with collaborations of Mercedes Ferrer, Tontxu, Jerry Fish, Armando y el Expreso de Bohemia, Mai Meneses and Anthony Blake. She has taken part in several TV programmes and humanitarian projects such as Cuarto mundo (2006). In July 2008 published her work Polvo de estrellas recorded with a live band in the Madrid Reina Victoria Theatre. In 2008 she published her first album, Inma I, sung in Catalan, and in 2009 she published Inma II the album in Spanish.
Selected works: Inma Serrano, 1995; Cantos de sirena, 1997; Rosas de papel, 1999; Soy capaz y pequeñas joyas, 2003; Grandes éxitos, 2004; Polvo de estrellas (CD/DVD), 2006; Inma I (in Catalan), 2008; Inma II (in Spanish), 2009