Dilara Sakpınar

Composer, and singer in Turkish descent was born in Stockholm, Sweden at 1988. She currently lives in Istanbul. She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University Music Department and was a guest student in Kungliga Musik Högskolan in Stockholm for a year at 2009. She writes music and sings, and has a band called 123. She had recorded three albums with them. Other concerts, 123 has given 2 symphonic concerts together with Eskişehir Symphony Orchestra and Izmir Symphony Orchestra. Dilara is also working on an upcoming project in Vienna with three other innovative minds and skilled hands.


Dolores Serrano-Cueto

(born on 16th January 1967 in Cádiz, Spain). Pianist, Composer and teacher. She studied piano, harmony and composition at the "Manuel de Falla" Royal Music Conservatory in Cadiz, and finished her studies at the "Manuel Castillo" Conservatory in Seville. In the field of composition she has continued her training, attending courses on composition analysis with José Manuel López López, Jesús Rueda, Mauricio Sotelo, and especially with David del Puerto. She has worked as a pianist with Joseph Rios at the Cadiz Conservatory and has been a pianist and music teacher at the San Fernando Dance Conservatory since 1998. Making musical shows is part of her educational activities in the Expression and Movement Center Albacalí, Cadiz. In 2005-2006 she founded the children's orchestra "The Orquestilla" with elementary grade students from the San Fernando and Cadiz conservatories. She has composed works for various chamber groups, and for stage shows and movie soundtracks
Selected Works: África, 2003 (rev. 2006), symphony orchestra; Alguna vez será, 2005- 2006, string orchestra; Cómico, 2005, string orchestra; Defórgano, 2007, org barroco; Escalando para que toquen los niños, 2005, camera orchestra; Extractos de alguna vez, 2008, string orchestra; Jugando: en esta, tocan niños y mayores, 2007, 2 sax a , sax t, tr, tba, pf 6 hands; Luces de alma clara, 2008, 6 vl I, 5 vl II, 4 vla, 3 vlc, cb; ¡Qué suene la música!, 2005, cl, ob/eh, sax a , sax t (vlc), tr, pf, chi, timb, reciter

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Dragana Šarić

(Belgrade, 2nd October, 1962), singer and composer better known as Bebi Dol. Her musical activities began in the late seventies in a group called Tarkus and she achieved fame with Mustafa/Na planeti uzdaha released with Goran Vejvoda. Mustafa, was voted the best pop song in Yugoslavia in 1981 and was re-released, two years later, on her debut album, Ruže i krv, to great critical acclaim and popular success. Her next album, Ritam srca Bebi Dol, was released more than a decade later, in 1995, even though she regularly performed as a pop and jazz singer (for three years she lived in Cairo, singing in Sheraton hotels), recording and appearing as a guest artist on the albums of other artists. The second pause in her work came in the late nineties and her album, Ljuta sam, was released only in 2002. Her last release, Čovek rado izvan sebe živi, in 2006 contains many of her arrangements. Throughout her career Bebi Dol has performed in festivals in the Balkan region but her greatest success came when she was Yugoslav representative at the Eurovision song contest in Rome in 1991.