Branislava Šaper Predić

(Zajecar, 25th September, 1946), studied composition in the Music Academy in Belgrade. She subsequently followed courses in contemporary music in Cologne, Stuttgart and Munich and then worked as a music editor for the Students Cultural Centre in Belgrade, and as music editor of the Belgrade programme for Yugoconcert. From 1984 onwards she worked for TV Belgrade. She composed a number of orchestral works: Sofoson 1, for symphony orchestra (1972), Sofoson 2 (1977), Simphonieta for strings and timpani (1968), Multimedijalno prikazanje, for timpani, winds and movement, Requiem, Bolna Draga, for chorus, Sosofon 3, for soloists, choir and orchestra. In the eighties she also wrote music for ballet, film, and television series and for the theatre. She received the Prize of the City of Belgrade for her Simphonieta and the BEMUS Prize for Sosofon 1.

Camilla Söderberg

(born in 1953, resident Malmö/Sweden), is a contemporary composer in the electro acoustic field. She grew up in Austria and entered the conservatory in Wien as a twelve year old playing recorder. After she turned fifty, years old she began to write contemporary electro acoustic music.
Selected works: Possesion, 2008; Sylanop, 1973; Evolution, 2005; An Endless Game?, 2010, com. By Swedish Radio; Born to loneliness, 2007, for T, rec and electronic; Flop, 2012, for rec-b, rec-t, pf and electro acoustic sounds;
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB

Carin Schönbeck

She is a Swedish composer in the folk music field.
Selected works: Vårt Dalsland, for mixed Coro, lyrics by Ingeborg Nilson.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB.