Veronika Simor

(born in 1976, Budapest, resident in Vienna), composer. Simor Veronika tailors her compositions according to specific situations and premises. For solo tape recordings or in combination with live electronics or instruments, she creates compositions that are especially designed for certain occasions. She extracts the formal structure of each piece from the musical source material, which consists of concrete and or instrumental sounds. The combination of tape recordings and instruments form the foundation of recorded instrumental sounds, which are already set in the electroacoustic thinking, because of the complex, noisy sounds- Simor calls the result “carpet” material. In addition, these recordings are electronically altered beyond recognition, but she again recorded and connected with live instruments. The tensions is raised by the common sounding of recorded and live performed parts and by switching between the fusing of recordings and instruments or their lifting from each other. According to Morton Feldman’s understanding, this lets time and space become one.
Compositions: “so” for tape recording and live electronics, a sacred encounter with dark sounds, “some sounds” for 2 recorders, 2 basses, percussion, tape and live electronics, “Where does the sound of an instruments start and where does it end? Merging sounds with instruments and tape recordings, “out of vision” for video, tape recording an live electronics, a video projection of dream, fears, unknowable and non existent with live electronics, Tosca con dolore, stage music for Serapionstheater and Burgertheater ensemble for children (2003, 2005, 2007), Music 4 4 for 4 cellos and tape-Margarethe Deppe for Neue music in der Ruprectskirche”, I love the 80s for 8 channel tape and live electronics, “IGNM Musikfest”(2007)
Awards: Theodor Körner Award (2001).

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Ylva Skog

(born 1963 in Östervåla, Sweden, residence Stockholm) was educated in composition with a Master’s degree at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. When she composes she mixes intuitive and inspirers from different styles and artistic directions such as art and literature. Her piece Fyra Sånger was selected to participate at  the Nordic Music Days Copenhagen 2004. The CD Terra Firma with only Skog’s compositions was nominated for a Swedish Grammy. Skog has written many different kinds of music such as her Piano concerto no.1, which was premiered by the Malmö Symphony Orchestra 2013, soloist Ann-Sofi Klingberg, conductor Ingar Bergby - as well as the electro acoustic piece Sagobiljetten.  Her music has been performed in many different countries such as France, USA, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom etc. Skog continues her work and another CD, this time with Skog’s orchestral music performed by Malmö Symphony Orchestra - is about to be released by dB Productions AB 2014. Her trumpet concerto – written for Norrlandsoperans Symphony Orchestra -  will have its world premiere in Umeå 2014.
Selected works: Sortie et entrée, 1996 for chamber orch; Terra firma, 1998, for vla, vl, vlc, pf; They call her love, 1998, for str; Horror vacui, 1999, for orch; Rännil, 1999, for mixed Coro, lyrics Carl Erik af Geijerstam; Vibracell, 2002, for vibr, mar; Baudelaire sånger (Baudelaire Songs), 2003, for chit, S/Mzs, lyrics Charles Baudelaire, Swedish translation Ingvar Björkeson; Pianotrio, 2009-2010, for pf, vl, vlc; Blend, 1993, for orch, tp solo; Lost in a tunnel, 1993, for  trb
Publishing directions: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB and Edition Alfonce production
Awards: The CD Terra Firma 2010, dBCD126, nominated for the Swedish Grammy. The Swedish magazine Opus voted Skog’s Pianotrio as the best music on CD of the year, 2011