Géraldine Ros

(born in 1956, France), composer, singer. She studied at Ecole Normale de Paris: piano, harmony, analysis, counterpoint and orchestration with Pierre Petit. She was awarded a fellowship for three years at the Conservatory in Hamburg, Germany where she studied singing with Naan Pold and composition with György Ligeti. She continued her singing studies with Andrea Guiot professor at the Conservatoire National de Paris. In 1984, In Furore, for soprano, synthesizers, piano, percussion and computer was created at the Ars Electronica festival of Lynz (Austria), the show was presented at the theater of Chaillot in Paris, with  Geraldine Ros at song, Pascal Le Corre at piano and Guy Joêl Cypriani at percussion. In 1993, the oratorio Qui ne joue pas aux Dés, command of the La côte d’Opale Festival, on libretto by Blake Dawson, for soprano (Geraldine Ros), narrator (Black Dawson), chorus, solo cello (Hervé Hodan), strings and 6 percussions (Les Percussions de Strasbourg) was created to celebrate the opening of the Tunnel sous la Manche. In 2001, the play Gorgias was created at the festival of Delphi in Greece; Geraldine Ros wrote and sang the role of the Pythia. The show was presented at the “Comédie” of Reims and at the Théâtre de la Cité Universitaire in Paris. In 2003, in the Opera Gospel Freedom of Muriel Hermine at the Cirque d’Hiver Bouglione she wrote and sang le grand air of the Statue. In 2006-2007, she toured in France with her group Afro Roots.
Selected works: Ven djo vè,  melody for soprano and string orchestra, 2001; Le Souffle des Eaux, lyric poem for 2 sopranos, mezzo-soprano and electroacoustic, 1990; Trio pour Janine, for violin, cello and piano, 1987; Regarde le Ciel, for soprano, piano and percussion, and also for soprano and chamber orchestra on a poem by Reiner Maria Rilke, Durand Edition, 1983; Les Yeux Fermés, for solo violin created by Ivry Gitlis, Salle Gaveau, 1983; Introît of Requiem, for three sopranos, mezzo-soprano, chorus, cello and electroacoustic,1983; Lamento, or voice and piano Durand Editions.
Selective discography: 2013, CD AFRODITE
Award: 1990, 2nd prize at the International Music Competition film "Trento Cinema" in Italy, chairman of the jury Enio Morricone.