Michèle Reverdy

(born in 1943, Alexandria (Egypt), resident in France) composer. She studied music at the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique de Paris in Olivier Messiaen and Claude Ballif classes, and she won first prize in counterpoint, analysis and composition. From 1979 to 1981, she was a resident at the Casa de Velazquez in Madrid. Since 1983, she has been a professor of analysis and orchestration at the Conservatoire de Paris. In 1993, she was composer in residence at the Strasbourg Conservatory and invited to the Musica Festival in the same city. In 1995, SACEM gave her the prize of symphonic music for all of her work. Producer at Radio France from 1978 to 1992, Michèle Reverdy is also the author of two books on the work of Olivier Messiaen and a book of reflections on her craft: Composer de la musique aujourd'hui (Editions Klincksieck, 2007). She has composed for all instrumental ensembles from solo instrument to full orchestra. She has written for voice melodies and monodrama on texts by Federico Garcia Lorca, Lewis Carroll, Jean-Claude Buchard, Serge Poliakoff, Tristan Corbière, José Tono Martinez, Joachim Du Bellay, Sandro Penna, Hans-Ulrich Treichel and choral works based on poems of Aloysius Bertrand or Saint Jean-de-la-Croix. She wrote melodramas, musical and other works of musical theater storytelling with Pascal Quignard, Italo Calvino and Pierre Michon. She is also illustrated in the genre of opera with Le Château by Franz Kafka, La Haute Note Jaune (vie et mort de Vincent van Gogh) from Vincent's letters to Theo, Le Précepteur after Jakob Lenz, Hans Werner Henze commission for the Munich Biennale, Le Fusil de Chasse after Yasushi Inoué and Médée, the Opera of Lyon commission, after Christa Wolf.
Selected works: Quatre Eaux-fortes, for string quartet, 2012; Which dreamed it?, for two pianos and two percussions, 2009; Cinq pièces pour violoncelle, 2004; En la noche dichosa, for ensemble for 8 voices, poems from Saint-Jean de la Croix, 2002; Médée, opera for five soloists, male chorus, large orchestra, after Medea Christa Wolf, 2001; Quatorze poignées d'argile,  for harp, 1999; Nouvelles du monde après, for mezzo-soprano, baritone, instrumental ensemble, poem by Christian Doumet, 1998; Concerto pour orchestre: pour 25 instruments, 1994; Le Cercle du vent, for orchestra, 1988; Sept Enluminures, female voice, clarinet, piano and percussion, 1987.
Publishers: Leduc; Babelscores.com.

Contact: www.michelereverdy.com