Kateřina Růžičková

(born in 1972, in Brno, Czech Republic, and resident there), composer. She studied musicology and aesthetics at the Masaryk University (Master degree) in Brno, and composition at the Janáček Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno (both master and doctoral degree). She attended composition master classes, and advanced her education at the University in Heidelberg and Hochschule für Musik in Karlsruhe (with Wolfgang Rihm). In 2003 she was invited to Heidelberg (Germany) as a composer in residence. In 2006 she received a commission from the International Music Festival Young Euro Classic in Berlin. She worked as a music programmer for Czech Television. She founded the women's composer group HUDBABY and a sheet music publishing company www.selfprint-music.com. Her achievements in the field of composition were officially recognized on numerous occasions.. She composes chamber, vocal, electronic and symphonic works, which have been performed at international festivals in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Brazil and USA and published by Edition Moravia, Gnosis, Český rozhas, Lotos, Hofmeister Verlag, Radioservis.
Selected works: Four pieces for piano, 1993; sports for viola and piano, 1993; trisonance for piano, bass guitar, and percussion, 1994; až se ucho utrhne for two percussion players, 1995; something for viola for solo viola, 1995; romance for grand piano for solo piano, 1996; I'm falling asleep for mixed choir, 1997; two paraphrases for string orchestra, 1997; minus around zero plus septet for clarinet, bassoon, viola, cello and three percussion players, 1997; electronic music Between the worlds, 1998.
Awards: the Leoš Janáček Foundation Award for a best student artis (1999).

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