Natalia Ruohonen

Natalia Ruohonen (13/04/1958, Moscow) has a University degree in music and a degree in philology from the Pushkin State University. She is winner of international festivals and music competitions and holder of the badge of honor awarded for the achievements in music and culture by the government of the Russian Federation. She has composed over 140 music pieces and is a member of Teosto, Finland (Finnish Composers’ Copyright Society). Her works include: "Cosmic Suite", dedicated to the astronauts and spread within 90 countries worldwide ; the song "My God" received recognition from the Society of the Russian Authors; the "Victory and Love" which was ranked in the Russian radio’s top-hit charts in 2011, was rotated in 34 radiostations and broadcasted in over hundred cities in Russia and abroad, received a letter of recognition from the Russian ”1” TV channel and was performed during the governmental concert of all stars in Moscow dedicated to Victory day 2011 for 100 000 audutorium; CDs "Dreamology" and "The Melody of The Departed Soul" (dedicated to childhood leukemia victims), orchestra music, film music (film studio Mosfilm). She lives in Helsinki, Finland.