Eija Repo

Eija Repo (2nd Oct, Sulkava, Finland), Master of Music from the Sibelius Academy, has been working as a cantor in Kerava, Finland, conducting several choirs. She studied composition with Olli Kortekangas, Harri Viitanen, Juhani Haapasalo and Osmo Tolonen. In her project " The Mass after Evening Bells " for mixed choir, flute and organ the music was composed by her. She has been conducting vocal ensemble Oodi Nova which has premiered her choir music. The Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church commissioned her music for proprium parts of mass and the music has been published during 2000s by Sulasol. On the record of Oodi (Tien varrelta 2005) can be heard Repo┬┤s music for mixed choir," Pater Noster" (Raphae dedicatum) and Wedding Song " Ah, how beautiful you are, my beloved". The music of Eija Repo is performed in concerts and programmes. Her instrumental music includes "Triangolo" - a miniature for piano composed with twelve-tone technique.

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