Maria Teresa Roig Ferrer

(born on 11th April 1952 in Barcelona, Spain). Composer, pianist, and professor. She completed her Masters at Barcelona High Music Conservatory where she earned degrees in piano, chamber music, solfeo, music theory and transposition, harmony, counterpoint and composition. She extended her studies through seminars at the Barcelona Autonomous University where she completed her doctorate. Her career in piano has earned several awards. Member of the Catalan Composers Association. Her works have been performed by many groups. In the field of teaching, she was a Orfeó Catalá professor at the Catalan Music Palace from 1972 to 1980, and from 2000 to 2004 was the Barcelona High Music Conservatory director. Among her compositions are electro-acoustic experimentations, for dance and concert.
Selected Works: Aires d'estiu, 2000, cobla; Dues cançons per a cant I violoncel (1. Pressagi de tendresa- 2. Somni de design), 1999, t, vlc; Fuga dodecafónica per a clarinet en A, 1999, cl; Limits, 2000, electr, dancer; Limits: [1ª version para electronica, flautas de pico y bailarín], 2000, electr, dancer, 4 fl pico (s, c, t, b); Passat present, 1999, mar, electr; Tema amb sis variacions per a quartet, 1999, 2 vl, vla, vlc; Temps canviant, 2004, sax a; Tres cançons per a cant i piano (1. Tot és en tot- 2. Avarament, Senyor, vivim les hores...- 3. L'instant), 1999, s, pf; Tríptic de la Mediterrània, 2000, 4 sax (s, a, t, bar).

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