Claire Renard

(born in France), composer. Formed by Pierre Schaeffer (graduate CSNSM / Paris 1973), Claire Fox is the author of operatic works and concerts, as well as musical performances, exhibitions and sound installations presented in France (Centre Pompidou, Théâtre de la Bastille, Grande Halle de la Villette, Festival d’Ile-de-France, Biennale Musiques en Scène/Lyon, Festival Les Musiques/ Marseille,…) and abroad (Festival Ars Musica /Belgique, Festival Archipel/ Genève, Helsinki 2000/ Finlande, Festival Medi@terra/ Athènes…). In her classical and electroacoustic dual training, she kept the taste of the rigor and experimentation, and the questioning  compositional  in a society constantly changing and highly changing and highly technological. Each of her compositions reflect the implementation of a listener associated with the use of project specific distribution systems, and embodied in innovative forms. She creates an instrumental and multidisciplinary integrated world in which there are privileged voice, space and conditions of perception. She works with instrumental ensembles such as the Ensemble Instrumental Ars Nova or the Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain or associates creations of artists in other disciplines (dance, theater, visual arts, design, video ...) as Stephanie Aubin, Catherine Dasté, Gustavo Frigerio, Adalberto Mecarelli Esa Vesmanen ... Meanwhile, she conducts research on the role of creativity in music learning in different structures (GRM (1973/77, CERM-Metz (1978/81), IRCAM (1983), Centre Pompidou (1983/91) and she forms adults (Centre Pompidou, Cité de la Musique, Conservatories, CFMI, Gulbenkian foundation, Sibelius Academy, Paris XIII university). She has published on the subject Le geste musical et Le temps de l’espace (ed. Van de Velde).
Selected works: pieces for choir: La vallée close; On ne cesse pas de mourir de ce dit // chamber music: Brèves d’Eté; Emportez-moi; Les Plis du Ciel // Opera and musical performances: Col Canto; La Muse en son jardin ou L’esprit des lieux; Orimita // installations: La musique des mémoires; Chambre du Temps.
Awards: Villa Medici «Hors les Murs » prize,  Italy 1990; Beaumarchais Foundation Prize in 1990 and 2002; European Commission Price / Raphael Programme 1997.

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