Hanne Roemer

(born in 1949 in Denmark), composer, musician and singer. She is also active as a conductor and music educator. In 1975 she formed, the rock group At Anna with her sister Lotte Roemer and Karen Mortensen, Irene Becker and Bente Dichmann. The group came together for a musical event on Vallekilde University, where everyone in the group was be able to play their own instruments and to formulate their own musical expression. After a short time left Bente Dichmann group for Sister Rock. The group dissolved in 1980.
Selected discography: Oh Better Day 1979; At Anna live: Better Day 1980; Hanne Romer/Marietta Wandall Duo: Akijava. 1990; Hanne Roemer Jazz Quartet: Come rain or come shine, 1994; Children singing 2000, 2000; Hanne Roemer & Marietta Wandall Duo: Between pain and joy. 2000; Dark is November for 4 big bands written for Big Band Battle in Aabenraa 2010; Touch my box, 2012; Le Carroussel for saxophone quintet; Wie so? for saxophone quintet, 2003.

Contacts: www.hanneromer.dk | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.