Christina Rosenvinge Hepworth

(born on 29th May 1964 in Madrid, Spain). Singer and songwriter. She was a member of the Spanish groups, "Alex y Christina" and "Christina y Los Subterráneos". In 1991 she began her solo career, though at first kept the band name, "Christina y Los Subterráneos", debuting with the album "Que me parta un rayo", of whose themes she was the author. In 1994 she recorded "Mi pequeño animal", produced by Steve Jordan. Rosenvinge made a personal tour with it moving from the commercial circuits. In 1994, she met Lee Ranaldo (Sonic Youth guitarist), with whom she worked in several solo productions. After that, Christina was out of the music scene until 1997 when she presented a solo album entitled ''Cerrado''. In 1998 she finished her contract with Warner to devote to more introspective and experimental music. She began composing in English and in 1999 she moved to New York where she published "Frozen pool" (2001) with Smells Like Records label, "Foreign land" (2002), and "Continental 62", closing the Anglo trilogy. In 2007 Christina recorded a new album with seven songs called 'Verano Fatal' (Limbo Starr 07), in collaboration with the independent songwriter Nacho Vegas. In countries such as Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador her work was well received on the web. On November 4, 2008 "Tu labio superior" went on sale (WEA), a solo album, composed entirely in Spanish. Then she recorded "La Joven Dolores" (2011), Christina Rosenvinge latest album, which is published in a luxurious hardcover book album version, with the German design of studio Hort.
Selected Recordings: Alex y Christina: Alex y Christina (1987); El ángel y el diablo (1989) Christina y Los Subterráneos: Que me parta un rayo (1992); Mi pequeño animal (1994). Solo career: Cerrado (1997); Flores raras (1998); Frozen Pool (January 16, 2001) Smells Like Records; Foreign land (2002); Continental 62 (February 20, 2006); Verano fatal (2007) with Nacho Vegas; Tu labio superior (2008); La joven Dolores (2011)
Awards: She participated in renowned festivals like Viña del Mar (Chile), where she received the "Silver Torch".