Concepció Ramió i Diumenge

(born in 1961 in Girona, Spain). Composer, musicologist and teacher. In 1982 she obtained her professional degree in piano from the Liceu Music Conservatory. Later studied composition and instrumentation at the CSMMB with J.Soler and C.Guinovart. In 1988 obtained a grant from the Spanish Education and Science Ministry to expand her studies abroad. She worked with Besty Jolas en Paris in 88/89. The same year, she joined the Catalan Composers Association. She has attended the International Bartok Seminar in Hungary three times. From 1990 she specialized in music and 20th century languages, topics on which she presented several lectures and seminars. Currently she is a harmony, counterpoint, and analysis professor at the Igualada Conservatory and the Capellades Music School.
Selected Works: La Cançó de l´hora de les bruixes, 1994, choir v.b.; Espais hipertròfics, 1991, fl, cl, vl, vlc, pf, perc; Eventualment naïf: fantasia per a cobla en forma de sardana, 1997, 2 flisc- cobla; Fantasia per a quatre tenoras: sardana; Lluna, sal, sang, exili, 1999, vl, fl, cl, vlc; No soc jo, a, pf; Ocell, no pleguis les ales, 1998, cobla; Scherzo per a piano i tenora; Son son; Tres peces en auguris estelars, 1998, tenora, carillon.