Sirkku Rintamäki

Sirkku Rintamäki (8/03/1975 Järvenpää, Finland) Master of Music from the Sibelius Academy, works as a cantor in the Kannelmäki Evangelical Lutheran Church of Helsinki, Finland. She also sings in the Helsinki Chamber Choir. She has studied composition and arranging with Olli Kortekangas, Juhani Haapasalo, Säde Bartling and Osmo Tolonen. She was one of the Finnish composers that were commissioned music for the proprium parts of the mass by the Finnish Evangelical Lutheran Church during the 2000s. The Leppävaara parish commissioned her a chorale cantata for the hymn “Hyvyyden voiman ihmeelliseen suojaan” (text Dietrich Bonhoeffer) for 5 choirs and the organ in 2005. It was published by the Finnish Church Music Association in 2011. She has composed a song cycle, “The Garden Red Curtain” for Kaisa Raittila’s texts that were performed in 2011.

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Susanna Ridler

(born in 1968, in Waldhausen, Austria, resident in Vienna), composer.  Ridler studied acting in Vienna and voice and music in Holland and the USA. She has worked with computer composition for many years. Ridler has developed her own song forms and artificial sounds. She strives to find an original approach to well- known songs for material as a singer / interpreter  and as composer/ arranger. Stylistically, her music is a mixture of electronic music, pop and jazz. She uses state of the art studio techniques such as sampling, alienation, time stretching, pitch bending and remixing. She has also composed for theater and radio dramas.
Publications: “Summertime”Remix @Universal Music (2003), koe:r (CD 2008), T. Tasso, theater music, Staatstheater Mainz (2008)
Performances: treasure@ A capella Competition, California, 2nd place (1999), The Crime of the 21st Century, theater music, Theater mbh (2003), neuland, music for ö1 radio drama (2005), koe:r project live @porgy  Bess, RadioKulturhaus Vienna.
Awards: “Outstanding Student of the Year”, Musician Institute (Los Angeles, 1998).

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Susanne Rosenberg

(born, 1957, resident Stockholm/Sweden), is a Swedish singer, falsetto singer, pedagogue, arranger and composer. She has taught at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm since 1992 where she is a lector at the folk music institution. Rosenberg herself studied at the same university and graduated as a musician and singer. She also taught at the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki in 1987-1991. As a singer she performs folk music, falsetto song, Baroque music as well as jazz and contemporary classical music. Rosenberg has worked togehter with Swedish composer Karin Rehnqvist and the director Peter Oskarson as well as Leif Stinnerbom. Rosenberg is the founder of the folk music groups Rosenbergs sjua and Rotvälta, two groups which she has toured with in Europe, Asia and the US. She has released many records since the 80's as a soloist as well as with different constellations. Together with Sven Ahlbäck Rosenberg she has tried out ideas of several polyphonic singing in different surroundings in, for example Folkliga Damkören (Folk women choir) a choir she worked with in 1992-1997. In 1997 the choir became R7 (Rosenbergs Seven) where Ulrika Bodén, Eva Åström Rune and Karin Holdar are still members a.o. Rosenberg has worked with musicians like Leo Svensson vlc and Mats Olofsson vlc. She has performed in Reyjkavik, Rome, San Diego, the Cathedral of York in England, Irland, Russia, on Broadway in New York, at Budokan in Tokyo. The scenes have been most varied like a Catwalk in NK Stockholm, the ship Wasa at the Wasa Museum and at the parliament building etc.
Selected works: Pust andetag vindstöt, 1998, for mixed Coro with soloist, lyrics different authors.
Selected recordings: Getens horn; ReBoot, OmStart, Susanne Rosenberg; Out of Time and Country, Susanne Rosenberg, MA Recordings 2009; Krokar, länkar och krus, Susanne Rosenberg, DRONE 2004; Uppå marmorns höga berg, Giga, 1996; R7 - Rosenbergs Sjua, Drone, 1999.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB
Awards, selection: 2011 the annual carrier of the tradition.

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