Sigrid Riegebauer

(born in Austria, 1961, resident in Graz), composer. Starting in 1967, she partecipated in choirs, ensembles and classical guitar and starting in 1979 she studied jazz guitar (B.Ley) and composition  (K. Johns). From 1986 she studied at the Graz University of Music; composition and music theory (A. Dobrowolki, Y.Pagh-Paan, B.Furrer ), guitar (S. Fuchs). She graduated in composition in 1994. Riegebauer has performed internationally (Musikprotokoll, Expan, V:NM, fem’arte, Paris, New York, etc). She is active as a freelance composer, private music teacher, guitarist, reader and crystal grower. Riegebauer is actively engaged with classical Indian music. microtonality and Schubert. “For me, composing is not only a game, but it is a game. Always in search of something new, I let myself be constrained and find unexpected ways out of the self constructed boundaries. The reduction of material carries with it the challenge of “shaping the rules of the game, of letting variety arise within the simplicity”.
Selected works: Toccata for piano, 1987 (première: 1998), ach, Bach for chamber ensemble, 1997 (première 1998), Take Twelve, serial 12-tone improvisation composition, 2006/07 (premiere: 2007).
Discography: Berühen- Schlagen, Josef Mayr, piano, Toccata (CD,  Extraplatte EX 588-2, 2004), Ensemble Werke (CD, private 2001)
Performances: Mikrokonzerte, die andere saite (Graz, 1990), Mittersill Composers Forum, Composer in Residence (1998), Expan, IGNM Carinthia (Spittal/ Drau, 2004).
Awards: award at the composition competition of the Graz Academy and the ORF (1994)

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Silvana Renzini

(Milano, 18 Agosto 1945) Pianista e compositrice. Consegue il diploma in pianoforte jazz nel 1989 presso il Centro Professionale Musica di Milano e nel 1993 frequenta il master in armonia funzionale al C.A.M. di Milano. Nell’album “Mediterranea”del 1999 ci sono brani da lei composti e altri sono presenti nell’opera “Fantasia Lunare”del 2000. Insegna pianoforte jazz presso la Scuola Civica di Musica Gaetano Donizetti di Sesto San Giovanni. Ha partecipato a “Jazz e Soda”, “Donne e Musica” e “Women in Jazz” di Milano. Tra le sue composizioni: Blues in Mal’s colors (2006), Little waltz (2006), Moonless night chant (2007), Magic Waldron (2007), Recollection (2007), Sad(istic) (2007). E’ stata vincitrice del Concorso Nazionale “Note di Donne” abbinata alla manifestazione musicale Piacenza Jazz Fest 2008, sostenuto dagli Assessorati Pari Opportunità del Comune e della Provincia di Piacenza con il brano"Moonless Night Chant".

Silvia Rosani

Studied Composition in Udine (Italy) with Renato Miani and at Mozarteum University with Reinhard Febel. Moreover, she graduated in Electronic Engineering in Trieste (Italy). To further specialize,she attended masterclasses with Klaus Huber, Juan Lopez Lopez, José Camarero, Brice Pauset, VladimirTarnopolski, Beat Furrer and Salvatore Sciarrino. Her pieces have been played by ensembles at the highestlevels for contemporary music, as the Österreichisches Ensemble für Neue Musik, Zahir Ensemble and Vocal Arts Stuttgart. Silvia Rosani's composition La nube e Issione won the first prize at the “Vocal Arts”composition competition in 2010 and it was performed at the Salzburg Biennale. She also works with electronic music and in 2010 she composed and premiéred a piece for voice and live electronics. Silvia Rosani has, furthermore, a long experience as a choir conductor (“Vox Nova Tergeste“ Vocal Ensemble, Trieste University Choir, Choir of the Lutheran Community of Trieste) and an excellent knowledge of voice brought her to write several pieces with singers. Therefore, in 2010 Klang 21 and ARGEkultur commissioned her a chamber opera, which has been successfully performed between July and August 2011 at ARGEkultur Theatre in Salzburg. She is currently making a PhD in composition at Goldsmiths University in London.