Raquel Rodríguez Fernández

(born in 1980 in Oviedo, Spain). Composer and musicologist. She began her musical training in her hometown, obtaining a Degree in Piano and the professional title of violin. Later, she moved to Madrid where she earned a degree in History and Science of Music at Autonoma University of Madrid and a degree in Composition at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid, obtaining Honours Thesis. Granted by Cajastur in 2007, she studied the Master of Composition at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.
Selected Works: En la musica, vl vla, vlc; Tres danzas- capricho, symphony orchestra.
Awards: In 2003 she was awarded the prize of the Victoria and Joaquín Rodrigo Foundation, and in 2007 the First Prize in the II Composition Competition Evaristo Fernández Blanco of the Spanish Music Festival in León.

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Rosa María Rodríguez Hernández

(born in 1963 in Mallorca, Spain). She gained a diploma in piano from the Palma de Mallorca Conservatory, and continued her studies at the Royal Conservatory in Madrid, where she obtained advanced degree in Musicology (1991). In the Valencia Conservatory she earned the top degree in music pedagogy and in harmony, counterpoint, composition and instrumentation. She followeddirection studies, choir and orchestra conducting and composition with Joseph the Prohens, Franco Donatoni and Leonardo Balada, among others. From the Valencia Polytechnic University she earned the title of Specialist in Music (2003), and the Diploma of Advanced Studies (DEA) in the Department of Communication Studies and Art History (2005). A PhD from the Valencia Polytechnic University, Department of Sculpture (21-1-2009), with a thesis entitled "Study of Ramón Barce stage work and work and thought of Alfredo Aracil through memory".
Selected Works: Vórtice, 2000, symphony orchestra; Confesiones, choir, t soloist, symphony orchestra; Eras, 1999, fl, ob, cl sib, fg, cor, voice, vl I,vl II, vla, vlc, cb, 2 perc; Lima, fl, cl sib, vlc, perc; Vernier, 2 vl, vla, vlc; Transmutación, 3 actors, vlc; Negmia, fl, ob, vibr, vlc, arp, pf, perc; Cuarteto para trompa nº 1; Prama, vl, vlc, pf; Cunoho, cl sib, fg, pf; Envoi, fl, perc.

Contact: www.rosamariarodriguezhernandez.net

Sarah Riedel

(born in Stockholm, 1982, resident Stockholm/Sweden) is a vocalist, musician and composer in the jazz, classical and experimental fields. She studied at the Academy of Music And Drama in Gothenburg with a baccalaureate degree in 2009. As a five year old she débuted on the CD Världens bästa Astrid with the song Lille katt written by her father Georg Riedel, a song that has been heard in almost every home in Sweden. Since that Riedel has participated on many different CD: s, radio and TV programs and performed on many different stages. Her first CD in her own name, Memories of a Lost Lane was released in 2010 and the same year she was nominated for Swedish Radio's prestigious award Jazzkatten in the category Rookie of the year. Riedel runs and writes for several bands such as Sara Riedel Timeline and Riedel/Svensson/Skokic. She has toured in Japan, USA and Europe and performed at the Institute Suèdois in Paris for example, Umeå Jazz festival, Stockholm Jazz festival, Rockwood Music Hall, the Kennedy Center and Kids Euro Festival - where she played several concerts for children. In 2012 the CD Cornelis vs Riedel, with compositions by her father and vocals by Sarah Riedel and Nicolai Dunger, was nominated for a Swedish Grammy.
Selected recordings: Common Creature with Daydreamers 2011; Hemligheter på vägen Footprint Records, 2008; Impro in the djungle, while we're sipping a smooth cocktail with Amazonas, 2010.
Awards, selection: Sten A Olsson's Foundation for research and Culture 2008.

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