María del Mar Rodríguez Carnero

(La Mari) (born on 18th January 1975 in Málaga, Spain). Singer and songwriter. She is the lead vocalist of the group, Chambao. Throughout her career, La Mari has collaborated with various groups and artists, including Enrique Morente, Mojo Project, The Bug, Macaco, Bebe, Estrella Morente, Jarabe de Palo, Javier Ruibal, Cesária Évora, Antonio Orozco, Tabletom, Peret, The Shica, among others. In March 2005, La Mari was diagnosed with breast cancer, but this would not stop her career as an artist, recording the following albums: Con Otro Aire (2007), En el Fin del Mundo (2009) and Chambao (2012). In 2008, she collaborated with the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 50, Helena Paparizou, performing a duet of her Spanish song, "Papeles Mojados".
Selected Recordings: Flamenco Chill (2002); Endorfinas en la Mente (2004); Pokito a Poko (2005); Con Otro Aire (2007); En el Fin del Mundo (2009); Chambao (2012)


María Dolores Romero Ortiz

(born on 1980 in Córdoba, Spain). Composer and teacher. She studied music at the local conservatory, receiving the tittles of Professor of Piano, Solfeo and in Composition. She premiered several works at the Cordoba and Málaga Conservatories and in Antonio Gala Foundation in Malaga, with a work for string orchestra attached to a tribute to the Baroque composer Barbara Strozzi. She has lectured on contemporary music and music history, and was a speaker at the First National Congress of Teachers of Analysis. She has published several articles in the Journal and a Hoquet book. She is currently assistant professor in the department of composition at the Conservatory of Music of Málaga and regional coordinator of the Education Programme of the Association of Women in Music.
Selected Works: Tríptico para Miriam; Acerca de una Estampa India, choir.
Awards: Honorable Mention Thesis specialty Musical Composition; Grant for Young Artists of Antonio Gala Foundation during the course 2005/2006

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María Luisa Ramis Vidal

(born in 1966 in Vigo, Pontevedra, Spain). Composer, choir conducter and teacher. She studied piano, cello and flute. Later she studied pedagogy in Salzburg (1989) and harmony and counterpoint with Daniel Vega. She obtained her degree in accompaniment (1993) and composition (1994). To complement her training she has taken several courses in composition and conducting.
Selected Works: Jede, 1995- 1996, tba, 4 perc, pf, vl, vla, vlc, cb; Samax, sax t, perc; Sax- saltan, 1996, sax a, t, tape.