Gloria Isabel Ramos Triano

(born on 5th July 1964 in Maracay, Venezuela, resident in Spain). Composer and conductor. Ramos Triano made her debut in Spain with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife and the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia in 1996, after which she was invited to conduct other Spanish orchestras. She was Chief Conductor and Music Director at the Orquesta de Córdoba (Spain) from 2001 to 2004. As an opera conductor, Ramos Triano has conducted new productions like Rossini´s Barbero de Sevilla in 2000, In Festival de Perelada, La Traviata in Gran Teatro de Córdoba, or Bizet's Carmen in Tirana with Alfredo Troisi, or Henze's "Elegy for young lovers" in Bilbao, with Pier Luigi Pizzi as stage director. In 2002, '03 and '04 Ramos Triano was chosen as conductor of the traditional Almudena Concerts in Madrid, Spain. In the '05-'06season, besides her concerts in Spain and in Mexico, she made her Debut in Germany with concerts in Schleswig-Holstein and with the Radio Symphony Orchestra Leipzig, with great success. Since 2007, Ramos Triano has conducted, amongst others, the Spanish National Orchestra, the Albanian National Opera Orchestra, the Orquesta de la Comunidad de Madrid, or the Spanish Radio- Television Orchestra. She also conducted the first creation of her own composition Abrazo del Agua for Soprano and Orchestra, in December '07 and in March '08 the first creation of her composition Las Flores del Mal.
Selected Works: 21 Poemas de Robert Walser, 1996, s, pf; Abrazo del agua (1. Abrazo del agua-2. ...sumergirme- 3. Profano milagro- 4. Mandrágora efervescente- 5. Sueño blanco), 2006, s, symphony orchestra; Los colores del tiempo (1.... Primavera...-2...verano...-3...otoño...-4...invierno...), 2006/2007, s, pf; Credo, 1989, s, a, t, b, choir; Cuatro canciones oscuras (1. Schatten Rosen Schatten- 2. Dunkel ist das lied- 3. Nachtlied- 4. Hôtel de la Paix), 1999, a, ct, choir (voices-bi), fl, cl, cl b, 2 cor, 2 perc; De Profundis, Salmo 129, 1991, choir (voices- bi); Drei Versuche (1. Strecke- 2. Abgrund- 3. Hohes kreisen), 1992, ob, pf; Las flores del mal (1. Mañana fría- 2. Escalofrío- 3. Ángel- 4. Presentimiento- 5. Las flores del mal), 2007, s, fl, pf, vl, vlc; In die Luft, 1994, 5 fl; Klafalk, 1996, cl, pf, fl.
Awards: In June 1998 she won First Prize in The National Competition for Young Conductors sponsored by the Orquesta Ciudad de Granada, in Spain. A month later, she won First Prize in the International Conducting Competition in Cadaqués, Spain, presided by the renowned Russian Conductor Gennady Rozhdesvensky. In 2001 she received the El Ojo Crítico prize for classical music from Radio Nacional de España. In 2003 she was named Personality of the Year in Córdoba, Spain. Ramos Triano was named Woman of the Year 2005 at her home country, by Orfeón La Paz de La Laguna. She was also awarded the Bensançon International Award for Opera Conducting, and the Orchestra's Prize in the International Conducting Competition Dinu Niculescu in Rumania.

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Gloria Rodríguez Gil

(born on 19th October 1972 in Vigo Spain). Composer and teacher. She studied at the Conservatory of Music of Vigo, obtaining the Titles of Solfeggio, theory, transposition and accompaniment, Piano and Chamber Music and at the Conservatory of Music in Barcelona she obtained the title of Composition and Orchestration. In 2004 she was selected to attend the "Encuentro de Composición" in Malaga, through INJUVE, and in 2006 the 43rd International Summer Course for New Music in Darmstadt. Presently she lives in Oia, Pontevedra, where she combines composing with other activities, such as musical language teaching at the Conservatoire of Vigo and organizer of educational concerts and workshops of Contemporary Music. Much of her work has been recorded on CD and transmitted by RNE Classical Radio, Voice Radio and Portuguese broadcasts, among others. Moreover, some of her compositions have been published in Periferia Sheet Music and in Agra Nova.
Selected Works: Romance casi hablado para cuerdas, 1997, string orchestra; Guldrigans, 2000, fl, cl, perc, pf, vl, vlc; Trapallada, 2001, symphony orchestra; Suite Cinderella, 2003, fl, cl, vlc, perc, arp, reciter; Bieito dubidoso, 2004, 2 vl, vla, vlc; Rehabilitación no lavadoiro da Ribeira, 2006, cl, vlc, chi, bandurria; Karma, 2006, chi; JK 5022 (2008); soundtrack Bieito Dubidoso
Awards: Three of her creations were awarded recognition IBLA Grand Prize (New York).

Hanne Roemer

(born in 1949 in Denmark), composer, musician and singer. She is also active as a conductor and music educator. In 1975 she formed, the rock group At Anna with her sister Lotte Roemer and Karen Mortensen, Irene Becker and Bente Dichmann. The group came together for a musical event on Vallekilde University, where everyone in the group was be able to play their own instruments and to formulate their own musical expression. After a short time left Bente Dichmann group for Sister Rock. The group dissolved in 1980.
Selected discography: Oh Better Day 1979; At Anna live: Better Day 1980; Hanne Romer/Marietta Wandall Duo: Akijava. 1990; Hanne Roemer Jazz Quartet: Come rain or come shine, 1994; Children singing 2000, 2000; Hanne Roemer & Marietta Wandall Duo: Between pain and joy. 2000; Dark is November for 4 big bands written for Big Band Battle in Aabenraa 2010; Touch my box, 2012; Le Carroussel for saxophone quintet; Wie so? for saxophone quintet, 2003.

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