Eve Risser

(resident in France), pianist and performer. After studying music in the east of France then Paris and Baltimore, she turned towards experimental music at the crossroads of jazz, improvisation and contemporary music. Her musical research and sound explorations are based on a very personal approach and a practice of the piano, the prepared piano and the flute. Her sound world is also characterized by the use of various sound objects. Involved in organizing shows and concerts within the group and label Umlaut Paris, she developed many musical projects, such as the quartet The new songs with the singer Sofia Jernberg, the Donkey Monkey duo with the drummer Yuko Oshima and the sound installation R.êve Chaos. She plays also in the National Jazz Orchestra and has participated in many festivals of jazz and experimental and improvised music.
Recordings: 2012, The new songs; 2011, Fenêtre ovale; 2011,  Donkey Monkey; 2011, Pak; 2010,  Duo Risser-Rühl; 2009,  Around Robert Wyatt.

Contact: Site Umlaut Records  umlautrecords.com/person/everisser