Ivanka Ivanova Pitrek

(born in 1954, in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria), composer and folk singer. She has collected more than 1000 authentic songs  from her end. She has made numerous recordings for the Bulgarian and German radio stations, Cd’s Bulgarian and German orchestras. Participation in Bulgarian and German television programs. Also records their music included in three films. She worked for many years with the international music orchestra,“ Shell Sick Braz Band” from Cologne and has been lived with them in Germany, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Portugal, France, Turkey, Greece, Algeria, Belgium and Luxembourg, the Netherlands and others. And also the Turkish orchestra Bouzouki Orhan from Instanbul. Records of the Greek orchestra Hard Rock Metal “ Spectral Realms”. She has a workshop in Germany singing Bulgarian folk songs. Her third Cd sold online for ACM New Yersey Records, 60 songs spread like ring tones in Vietnam. Ivanka’s music includes traditional Bulgarian Folk, mixed with elements of rock, pop, and even some rap and techno styles. Her unique sound and different styles are fresh and exciting for the audience.
Works: author of the e-books: 2012 “Folk dedication” in four languages Bulgarian, Russian, German and English, 2013 The series of tetralogy “Songs by Ivanka Ivanova”- first, second, third and fourth in three languages: Bulgarian, German and English; The terrible haidouk leader Strahil” in German, The terrible haidouk leader Strahil” in Bulgarian.           

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