Morgana Petrik

(born in 1974, Vienna, resident in Vienna), composer. Her Studies included composition, harmony- basic research (University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna), German philology, and musicology (University of Vienna). The doctoral thesis “ Die leiden der neuen Musik”(The  Sorrow of New Music) was published by Edition Monochrom (Vienna 2008). During 2001-2005 she worked as a lecturer for composition and music theory at Franz Schuber Konservatorium Vienna. In 2005 I was appointed head of this department. In 2011 she was elected president of österreichische Gesellschaft für zeitgenössicche music” (OGMZ)(Austrian Society for Contemporary Music), an association founded in 1949 whose primary aim is to promote contemporary music in concert. On April 15th 2013 her commissioned work “ Purple Darkness”, was premiered by the renowned Austrian Ensemble “die reihe “ at the RadioKulturhaus in Vienna. Thi concert was also broadcasted by ORF Radio in July 2013. In May she was awarded with the Theodor Körner Preis(Theodor Körner Award) for composition. She is a member of the österreichische Gesellschaft für zeitgenossische Musik.
Selected works: Katabasis, Anabis (2013) for recorders and string quartet, stranger things happen at sea (2013) for baritone saxophone solo, Purple Darkness (2012/13) for Ensemble, Luftspiel (2011) for saxophone quartet, Ein Sonntagmittag bei Strindbergs (2010/2011) for baritone, mezzo soprano and piano, Concertino for cello and string orchestra (2010), Galgenlieder (2010) for baritone and piano, Mission Impossible (2007) for flute and piano, string quartet no.1 (2006), Todesfuge (2005) for mixed choir and wind quintet.

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