Cornelia Pesendorfer

(born and resident in Austria), musician and ethnologist. Pesendorfer studied Viennese oboe, jazz singing, cultural and social anthropology as well as musicology. She is the conductor of the Viennese women’s choir “Die Chornissen”. Pesendorf is a singer -songwriter in the area of world/ pop music, and an instrumentalist in classical orchestras as well as in jazz ensembles, Brazilian and African bands. She has worked with improvised music for many years. She has conceived and implemented interdisciplinary projects, held lectures and published on music in southernAfrica. She was project leader for “Return to the planet of People”, an interdisciplinary Gesamtkunstwerk in which music, theater, film and the sciences are interlinked. Pesendorfer was responsible for the concept development, organization and direction of the symposium “Zambezi River Music”. An encounter with the music of southern Africa” at the Center for Contemporary music at Danube university Krems.
Works: African Suite for oboe, clarinet, cello, electric violin, subbass recorder, Fantasy for three voices, piano, guitar, bass, djembe, balaphone, Zambezi for piano, oboe and cello.
Performances: Takon Orchestra “ Glatt & Verkehrt – Wachauer  Begegnungen” Festival (2004), Alegre Correa Group, Staatoper Hannover (2007), Velvet Elevator Film Music Orchestra, “lake Stage” AT Kunstzone Karlsplatz (Vienna, 2008)

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