Elisabeth Penker

(born in 1974, in Austria), composer. She worked at Maestro Matic in Chicago and De Lane Lea in London as sound designer in film post-production. She received a doctoral fellowship from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and was university assistant at the Academy of Fine Arts (Vienna) and research fellow at the jan van Eyck Academy in Maastricht. Lectures: “ Soundtracks for Architectural Spaces” at the Art Center in Pasadena (California); Sound and Language, “Kunsthaus Graz; “Sound production for the exhibition context, “Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. The sonic focus in her sculptural work developed from the early, text- oriented room installations and is closely connected to rhythm and language and their cultural grammar. She develops instruments from diverse materials, which are amplified with microphones. She plays her compositions on these instruments; additional compositions arise on the basis of acoustic recordings of sound, noises, motors, voices. Her instruments are interactive in an exhibition context and often part of a multi- channel sound installation.
Works: (untitled) 654321, Kunsthallen Brandts, DK (Pork Salad Press 2001), Selected Sound +Sculpture 1998-2003, Galerie 5020+ Michael Hall, Vienna ed. 100, 71 min (2003), Sound System, Salzburger Kunstverein (dvd, 2003)
Performances: Dust in the eyes of the blind with illegal Emotions Belgrade, museum of Applied Arts (Vienna), Bastardista, intro for Célia Mara’s song “Mercado modelo” Birdland (Vienna), De –Grammatical: language & Rhythm’n, Transformation, HTTP Gallery (London)
Awards: Austrian Federal Chancelery National Scholarship.

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