Pia Palme

(born in 1957, in Vienna, resident in Vienna), composer. She studied recorder, oboe and music theory. In 1980 she graduated with an artistic diploma for recorder from today’s Konservatorium Wien University. In 1989, she studied improvisation at Naropa University in Colorado. She also graduated from the Vienna University of Technology (in 1985) as Mag.a of descriptive geometry. Until 1997 she worked as a classical oboist and recorder player, after which she reoriented herself artistically towards experimental music, contemporary music and electronics. Since 2001 she has composed and improvised music, as well as mounted performances. She works as a soloist and in ensembles and develops musical projects for specific performance locations in order to discover their “genius loci” in each place; she composes in close cooperation with musician and also creates interdisciplinary works. She has developed a refined set of new instruments by directly combining sub-bass recorders by Kung and electronics, as well as using microphones in a special way. She makes music with “aerophones”, sub-bass tubes which are playable independent of a space, thanks to the balanced feedback techniques used.
Works: Orchidee, solo (CD, extraplatte 2006), Subitized with JSX und Kazuhisa Uchihashi (CD, ein_klang_records 2007), Who only Stand and Wait (homage to Jacob van Eyck), collaboration with Yoshie Maruoka (2007).
Performances: “Busting Olifant”, duet with electric Indigo (since 2007), Batyscaph, duet with contraforte player Robert Buschek (2008), Ortung des Paradieses (Locating Paradise ) for ensemble and voice after texts by the artist of the Maria Gugging Psychiatric Clinic (premiered 2008).
Awards: Austrian State Scholarship for Composition (2008)

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.piapalme.at