Lola Perrin

Lola Perrin (1962) is a UK based American composer, pianist, publisher and contributor to International Piano magazine. She has played live and been interviewed on BBC radio programmes, performed at the First International Conference of Minimalist Music and at Women in the Arts, Missouri 2011. In 2011 she played a seven date concert series in London dedicated to her eight piano suites. Commissions include silent film scores for Barbican Cinema (Germaine Dulac’s The Seashell and the Clergyman, and The Smiling Madame Beudet), misc. piano works and most recently, a bass clarinet ensemble work (2012) for Sarah Watts, premier at Peninsula Arts Contemporary Festival Feb 12th, 2012. Her Birds Eye View Festival commissioned score for Victor Sjöström's ‘The Wind’ won Silent London’s Best Silent Film Soundtrack 2011. Tracks from CDs appear on UK TV broadcasts and European & USA radio playlists. She has collaborated with many artists including author Hanif Kureishi, published eight books of solo piano music, and has a well established teaching practice. |