Alla Penkina

(born in 1960 in Pavlovo in the Nizhegorodsky region, resident in Spain). Alla studied piano at the Pavlovo Music School. In 1975 she entered the music institute of Dzerzhinsk, where she graduated in 1980. She studied at the faculty of music theory. From 1984 until 1989 she studied composition at the Conservatory of Ashhabad at the composition faculty with professor R. Allayarov. In 1995 she postgraduated in composition under R. Allayarov. Alla Penkina is a member of the Russian Composers Union, jury member of the "Young composer" contest and the International festival of contemporary music "Pictures from an Exhibition" organizing committe member.
Selected Works: Como un graffiti, 2009, pf, cb; Como un graffiti, 2009, pf; Cuarteto de cuerda, 2009, 2 vl, vla, vlc; Siciliana, 2009, chi; Tensión para piano, 2010, pf; Banda Sonora para la película, 2011, symphony orchestra; Expectation, 2010, vlc; On the height of light, 2012, string chamber; Lamentabile, 2013, vl, vlc, pf; Kazus Maya, vl, pf.

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