Tatjana Prelević

(born in Podgorica, Montenegro, 17th September 1963) pianist and composer. She obtained a degree in piano from the Music Academy in Titograd, and continued her studies in Hannover in the field of piano as well as composing. She was a fellow of the German DAAD foundation and was awarded the Dorotea Errxleben scholarship, in the course of which she was a guest professor in the field of new music at the Music Academy in Hannover. She is author of an opera „Girl without hands“, one of the first in contemporary Montenegrin music. Since 1997. she has been working as an external collaborator at the Music academy in Hannover.
Awards: CANU award from the fund of Petar Vukčević; Special award ARD piano duo in Munich in 1984; First Award at the Competition Finale Ligure in 1983 in Italy in the category piano duo 

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