Ivana Pavlović Peters

(Belgrade, 22nd August, 1975), singer and song-writer also known as Ivana Negativ, after the group Negative where she is vocalist. She finished Music High School and entered the world of pop music when she was only fifteen working with the rap group Who is the Best, and recording two albums. She became known to the general public after she had appeared with Goca Tržan, in the popular dance-pop band Tap 011. She recorded three albums with this band and participated in many very popular festivals, and for the last release composed her first song, Panika. Despite the success of the band, Ivana left the group in 1999, became the singer in Negativ and attracted media attention with her first single, Ja bih te sanjala. Later releases of this group used much rougher sounds, but the public still remembers her ballads like Svet tuge. According to Ivana Peters her greatest contribution to the band is her song-writing. She has published four albums: Negative (1999), Ni ovde ni tamo (2003), Tango (2004) and Spusti me na zemlju (2009).