Chris Poole

(born in 1952, resident in Denmark), composer. She is one of Denmark's most original jazz flute players. She is known from her many solo concerts, where she has developed her own personal style which she expresses in her improvisations and flute compositions. Chris has a duo with guitar player Kasper S√łeborg and also with pianist Marietta Wandall. She also creates music for many of the Norwegian theater and film production company Visjoner' s productions. Chris Poole came to Denmark from the USA in 1975 and is today a Danish citizen. She has a degree from Berklee College of Music. She was the first women to complete Berklee's solist line and has studied with Gary Burton, Andy McGee, Joe Viola and James Newton. The music she wrote for a production of The Lady from the Sea for the Berkeley Repertory Theater, San Francisco, was chosen best musical work for drama in 1993. Chris is also an experienced teacher. She is mentioned in Grove's Dictionary of Women Composers (1995) and has 4 CD's and a CD Rom out in her own name.
Selected recordings: CD's, a single CD and a multimedia CD-rom: Global Accent; Waterlights; In Search of Solace-Pieces and improvisations for flute; Breaking the Malestream; To The Powers That Be; Solo Flute.

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