María Paz Pita Vázquez

(born on 19th May 1976 in Ferrol, A Coruña, Spain). Composer and teacher. She studied music composition, obtaining her degree in that specialty. Subsequently, she completed her training with specialized courses and master classes taught by composers and conductors of international standing. Her works have been performed in various cities in Europe. As a visiting professor, she has taught at several conservatories and schools of music. Since 1998 she has been professor of composition and analysis at the Conservatory of Music in La Coruna, and is also the Head of Studies. At present she is doing her PhD in Philosophy (Aesthetics specialty) with a research paper on the language of twentieth century music.
Selected Works: Alegría, 1999, s, pf, reciter; Atenea, 1997, fl; Fantasía para piano (1. Enérgico- 2. Lento- 3. Enérgico), 1997, pf; Fuga a tres, 1997, 2 vl, vlc; Ítaca (I y II), 2005, pf; Tema y variaciones nº 1 (1. Tema- 2. Variación I- 3. Variación II- 4. Variación III), 1996, pf; Tiempos para cinco, 2000, 2 tr, cor, trb, tba