Iluminada Pérez Frutos

(born on 19th February 1972 in Gerona, Spain). Composer. Iluminada Pérez Frutos began her artistic career at the Badajoz Conservatorio Superior de Música¸ where she studied Guitar, Piano, Voice and Music Theory. She subsequently completed her studies in composition at the Real Conservatorio Superior de Música "Victoria Eugenia" in Granada where the jury awarded her Premio Extraordinario Fin de Carrera. She is a graduate in business studies in accounting at the University of Extremadura. In 2008, she obtained her diploma in advanced studies from the University of Granada. She has completed postgraduate courses at the University of Alcalá de Henares and is completing her doctorate at the University of Granada. Her music has premiered at prestigious international forums and she has led conferences in different locations in Spain (Málaga, Granada, Cádiz, Badajoz, etc.). She currently teaches at the Conservatorio Superior de Música 'Victoria Eugenia' in Granada.
Selected Works: "AL-ALZHAR. Aromas de leyenda", pf; "Scens of dawnn", 2011, fl, cl, pf, vl, vlc; "Sobre el Tapiz del Arpa"; "Luz Cenital", fl, cl, perc, pf, vl, vlc; "El viento nos llevará", 2011, fl in G; "Aleph", 2012, voice (mezzo), perc, pf, vl, vlc; "Metáforas de Cristal", 2012, cb; "El Tiempo y el Permufe", 2012/2013, cl basso in Sib, perc; "The Sound of Silence", 2013, Ensemble Percussion (one player), pf, harpsichord, vl I, vl II, vla, vlc, double bass; "Música del audio-libro "Eres tú" (2013/2014), fl in C/G; Saxo (alto, tenor, bar, bajo); 2 perc; pf/celesta; mezzo-soprano, vl, vlc.
Awards: First prize in Unna International Female-Composers Library (Germany, 2008); Third prize in Kazimierz Serocki 11th International Composers' Competition (Poland, 2008); Second prize in the "Pablo Sorozábal" international competition for composition (Spain, 2003); The Centro para la Difusión de la Música Contemporánea prize in the framework of Encuentro de Composición Musical Injuve (Spain, 2005); Finalist at the 24th Alea III International Composition Competition (Boston, 2006)

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