Anne Pajunen

(born in Laholm, 1968, resident Stockholm/Sweden), is a Swedish composer, viola player and singer. She has freelanced on the viola in various orchestras since 1995. As a singer she has produced and performed numerous stage concepts, solo as well as in various constellations. Contemporary music together with performance, are the two main elements in Pajunen's music. She works with all aspects of a performance, set design, costumes, etc, and she strives for a strong visual expression along with music, sound and words. The performances are often based on interaction with the audience, or experimenting with memory games and reactions in a live situation. Pajunen studied at the Academy of Music And Drama at the university in Gothenburg in 1988-1995 and at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, in 1990-1991. She also studied viola with Garth Know. Pajunen is a member of Fylkingen, FST (Society of Swedish Composers), STIM (the Swedish Performing Rights Society) and Folkoperans Orkester. She is a member of Svenska Mordena Operaensemblen – S.M.O.K (Swedish Modern Opera Ensemble) and Lórchestre Disparu, which is an ensemble with V, fl and live-video.
Selected works: Elevator small talk, 2009, for sax-a; Elevator small talk, 2009, for fl; Work together with composer Patric Simmerud: Absence, 2012, for S and electronics, text by Anne Pajunen and Patric Simmerud.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB
Awards, selection: Received the Bob Kelly Music award 2009

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