Maria Luisa Pacciani

L‟attuale Direttore del Conservatorio di Torino è una compositrice, Maria Luisa Pacciani (1960), formata nello stesso Conservatorio di Torino, dove ha studiato pianoforte e composizione con Giuseppe Broussard e Carlo Pinelli, diplomandosi sotto la guida rispettivamente di Carla Papini e Gilberto Bosco; ha seguito corsi di perfezionamento con Bruno Canino. Collaborando strettamente con Sergio Liberovici, rivolge composizioni ed esecuzioni al Teatro per l'infanzia e mette a frutto tale positiva iniziativa nell'ambito didattico del Conservatorio di Torino del quale è Direttore dal 2006. La stessa è Consigliere della Fondazione per le Attività Musicali in rappresentanza della Città di Torino e fa parte del Consiglio di Amministrazione del Teatro Regio di Torino.

Maria Panosian

(born and raised in Cyprus), composer. She's been listening to music, composing and playing the piano ever since she can remember. She attended piano lessons for eleven years and in the meanwhile she learned to play guitar and percussions. She has been the lead singer of the band Elelef since 2005, but her career as a professional singer dates back to 1998. In 2007, Elelef released their first album and three years later they launched an EP with four cover songs. She currently works as a sound engineer at the Greek radio station "Sto kokkino 105.5", where she hosts her weekly show "What's wrong is right" every Friday. She has also been DJ-sing since 1993 at well-known hangouts in Athens, Greece and Nicosia, Cyprus. She has lent her music to websites, documentaries and short films.
Recordings: Patomata Vregmena (2011) released by OnAir Music; EP with 3 songs with the title X-ray (2012); EP Prophecy

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María Paz Pita Vázquez

(born on 19th May 1976 in Ferrol, A Coruña, Spain). Composer and teacher. She studied music composition, obtaining her degree in that specialty. Subsequently, she completed her training with specialized courses and master classes taught by composers and conductors of international standing. Her works have been performed in various cities in Europe. As a visiting professor, she has taught at several conservatories and schools of music. Since 1998 she has been professor of composition and analysis at the Conservatory of Music in La Coruna, and is also the Head of Studies. At present she is doing her PhD in Philosophy (Aesthetics specialty) with a research paper on the language of twentieth century music.
Selected Works: Alegría, 1999, s, pf, reciter; Atenea, 1997, fl; Fantasía para piano (1. Enérgico- 2. Lento- 3. Enérgico), 1997, pf; Fuga a tres, 1997, 2 vl, vlc; Ítaca (I y II), 2005, pf; Tema y variaciones nº 1 (1. Tema- 2. Variación I- 3. Variación II- 4. Variación III), 1996, pf; Tiempos para cinco, 2000, 2 tr, cor, trb, tba