Krystyna Pettersson

(born 1930, Poland, residence Stockholm, Sweden) contemporary composer, piano player and pedagogue. She was educated in Poland in music theory and composition. She has lived in Sweden since 1970 where she supplemented her education with work as a pedagogue. Pettersson writes chamber music for different instruments and ensembles with the focus on accordion, piano songs and choir, etc.
Selected works: Illustration (Prelude) 2011 for pf solo; Sonatella accordiola, 2001,  for fis solo  and accordion orchestra; Gefion och Gylfe (arietta), 2000, for S, T, pf; En midsommarvals, 1993, for voc, pf; Kristallkulans prelude, 2011, for vl, bcl, fis; Mälardrottningen, 1996/1997 for male coro, pf; Heliga Jungfru som värnar det höga Czenstochowa, 1981, for voc, pf; Den glade spelmannen 1983/1984, for fl, pf; Bälgdragsfröjder 2003, for fis; Dockteater, 2013, for pf.
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik Swedmic AB

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Laura Pigozzi

(Milano, 28 Settembre 1959), cantante, autrice di testi, liriche, compositrice. Dal 1986 al 1989 studia canto jazz con Anna Bakja e pianoforte alla Nuova Accademia di Milano. Frequenta i seminari di Beatrice Senigallia e Flavia Vallega , a Milano e nel 1999 studia con David Hykes e con Umberto Fusco. Nel 1996 realizza il recital dal titolo “Le Donne del Jazz”, una narrazione musicale sull'emotività femminile di famosi standard jazz. Nel 2001 fonda il “Laura Pigozzi Quartet” con cui incide “Standust”.

Lola Perrin

Lola Perrin (1962) is a UK based American composer, pianist, publisher and contributor to International Piano magazine. She has played live and been interviewed on BBC radio programmes, performed at the First International Conference of Minimalist Music and at Women in the Arts, Missouri 2011. In 2011 she played a seven date concert series in London dedicated to her eight piano suites. Commissions include silent film scores for Barbican Cinema (Germaine Dulac’s The Seashell and the Clergyman, and The Smiling Madame Beudet), misc. piano works and most recently, a bass clarinet ensemble work (2012) for Sarah Watts, premier at Peninsula Arts Contemporary Festival Feb 12th, 2012. Her Birds Eye View Festival commissioned score for Victor Sjöström's ‘The Wind’ won Silent London’s Best Silent Film Soundtrack 2011. Tracks from CDs appear on UK TV broadcasts and European & USA radio playlists. She has collaborated with many artists including author Hanif Kureishi, published eight books of solo piano music, and has a well established teaching practice. |