Irene Perdahl

(born 1947, resident Luleå/Sweden) is a composer and arranger. Perdahl is also a teacher in Education of Music Teachers and Church Musicians with focus on Choir Pedagogy, Choral Conducting, Choral Arrangements and Choral Intonation. She graduated in Specialization in Pedagogy and Music Subjects for Class teaching in 1972, a Master of Education in Music in 1979 and Specialization in Choral Conducting 1994. Perdahl worked as Director of studies at the municipal School of Music Sweden, Luleå, 1977-1980, Teacher at University College of Music in1980 - 1998. Since 1998 she has worked as Director of Studies at University College of Music Sweden, Piteå. She is director of Dance Teacher Education and Music Teacher Education in the University of Technology. Perdahl was the conductor of Luleå ABF mixed choir 1982 - 1985, Female Vocal ensemble in 1985 - 1990. Since 1993 she has been a conductor and the music arranger of the mixed choir Voces Bodenses, In 1997, she established the female choir Qvinnokoren Lapponica and worked with them as a conductor and arranger, until 2006. In 1999 Irene was the winner of the contest in Composing Choir Music for mixed Male Choir and Boys Choir. Perdahl is a Regional Union Conductor and was a member of the Regional Board of the Swedish Choral Association from 1993 – 2006. She was a member of the Swedish Choir Music Council from 2001 – 2003 as well as a member of the board of the Swedish Choral Association; Responsible for the education committee from 2005- 2006. She was educated at Royal College of Music in Stockholm where she graduated in 1976.
Selected works: Vipa-Skrika, 1999, for Coro-bi, Coro TB, lyric by Karl-Evert Kevestad;
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Musik/Swedmic AB
Awards, selection: Göran Lagervalls Music Award.

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Isabel Pires

Was born in Portugal in 1970. She finished her superior course of composition at Escola Superior de Música of Lisbon (2000), and her DEA (2002) (first year of doctorate degree) at the Music Department of the Paris VIII University. At Paris VIII University, she is preparing her doctoral thesis under the direction of Horacio Vaggione. She has a special interest in the
relationship between music and technology. Her musical compositions include instrumental music, electronic tape music, live electronic music and musical for instrument and tape.

Ivana Pavlović Peters

(Belgrade, 22nd August, 1975), singer and song-writer also known as Ivana Negativ, after the group Negative where she is vocalist. She finished Music High School and entered the world of pop music when she was only fifteen working with the rap group Who is the Best, and recording two albums. She became known to the general public after she had appeared with Goca Tržan, in the popular dance-pop band Tap 011. She recorded three albums with this band and participated in many very popular festivals, and for the last release composed her first song, Panika. Despite the success of the band, Ivana left the group in 1999, became the singer in Negativ and attracted media attention with her first single, Ja bih te sanjala. Later releases of this group used much rougher sounds, but the public still remembers her ballads like Svet tuge. According to Ivana Peters her greatest contribution to the band is her song-writing. She has published four albums: Negative (1999), Ni ovde ni tamo (2003), Tango (2004) and Spusti me na zemlju (2009).