Eve Risser

(resident in France), pianist and performer. After studying music in the east of France then Paris and Baltimore, she turned towards experimental music at the crossroads of jazz, improvisation and contemporary music. Her musical research and sound explorations are based on a very personal approach and a practice of the piano, the prepared piano and the flute. Her sound world is also characterized by the use of various sound objects. Involved in organizing shows and concerts within the group and label Umlaut Paris, she developed many musical projects, such as the quartet The new songs with the singer Sofia Jernberg, the Donkey Monkey duo with the drummer Yuko Oshima and the sound installation R.êve Chaos. She plays also in the National Jazz Orchestra and has participated in many festivals of jazz and experimental and improvised music.
Recordings: 2012, The new songs; 2011, Fenêtre ovale; 2011,  Donkey Monkey; 2011, Pak; 2010,  Duo Risser-Rühl; 2009,  Around Robert Wyatt.

Contact: Site Umlaut Records  umlautrecords.com/person/everisser

Gabriele Proy

(born in 1965, in Vienna, resident in Vienna), composer. She is a leading Austrian composer and pioneer in the field of soundscape composition. She holds a Master of Arts in composition and sound art, a Diploma in computer music and electronic media and a teacher’s Diploma in guitar from the University of music and Performing Arts in Vienna with distinction. Many renowned ensembles like the Koehne Quartet, the Munich Philharmonic Choir, the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Ensemble die reihe and the Mozart trio Salzburg have performed her music. Her compositions are performed with great success in Europe, Australia, Japan, Turkey, Canada, Latin America and the USA. She teaches Composition and Sound Design at the ARD.ZDF Media Academy in Nuremberg and lectures internationally. Since 2001 on, she has been the president of the European Forum Klanglandschaft FKL. In 2005, Proy received the Austrian commission  in the EU-Japan Year for the composition Waldviertel; in 2006 she was European representative in the committee of the international conference “The West meets the East in Acoustic Ecology”at Hirosaki University in Japan. In 2007, her choir composition Kokoro was performed to great success in Munich with the Philharmonic Choir. Her composition are sound – poetic images that evoke sonic memories while letting new sounds arise.
Selected works: Damenspiel for string quartet, première: Koehne Quartet, Herbert von Karajan Centrum (2001), Waldviertel, soundscape composition (tape 8 channels), 2005, première: International music Centre, Hirosaki University (2005), Kokoro, for 8 to 10 voice a cappella soprano/alto choir, 2007, première: Munich Phil. Choir, cond. A. Hermann, Allerheiligen- Hofkirche, Munich Residence (2007).
Performances (selected): opening concert for Electroacoustic Autumn Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria, 2003), portrait concert, Centrum Cultury Zamek (Poznan, Poland, 2003); portrait concert, Tokyo National
University of fine arts and music (Tokyo, Japan, 2006), Ereso, for large Orchestra, 2010: World premiere 2010-06-25 ORF Radio Symphony Orchestra Vienna, Gottfried Rabl (conductor), RadioKulturhaus Vienna, Austria; Chamber music: Granat, for piano quintet, 2012, World premiere 2012-08-23 Salzburg Mozarte Quintet, Schloss Goldegg, Austria; Tuerkis, for flute and guitar, 2011/2012, World premiere 2012-05-30 Ulrike Anton (flute), Armin Egger (guitar), Salvatorsaal, Vienna,Austria, Alchemilla vulgaris, quartet for flute, violin, viola and cello 2010, World premiere 2010-12-10 Graz Opera ensemble, Dom im Berg, Graz, Austria.
Awards: City of Vienna Music Prize 2013. This is the highest possible distinction by the City of Vienna in the field of music composition.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | www.gabrieleproy.at 

Giuppi Paone

(Roma, 20 Agosto 1953 ), cantante, compositrice, autrice di testi. Studia canto classico e lirico con Francesca Arnone e musica jazz con Giancarlo Gazzani, presso la Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio a Roma (partecipando a molte attività dal 1976 ad oggi). Laureata in Letteratura Americana a Roma, ha inciso “Song in a dream”(1994) e “Cinema italiano” (2007). Ha inoltre realizzato tournées in Italia e in Europa con l‟opera di Giovanna Marini “Le cadeau de l‟Empereur”. Insegna canto presso la Scuola Popolare di Musica del Testaccio. Dal 1985 insegna canto alla Scuola Popolare di Musica di Testaccio ed è docente di canto al triennio di jazz del Conservatorio di Ferrara. E‟ assistente alla direzione dell‟orchestra-laboratorio del triennio di jazz del Conservatorio di Frosinone. Ha tenuto corsi e seminari a Roccella Jonica, Atina Jazz. Compone dall‟inizio della sua attività e ha registrato le sue musiche in una serie di CD: “Songs in a dream”(1994), “Flamenco romano, Dedicata a Gabriel” (2003), “Cinema italiano” (2007).