Brigitte Robindoré

(born in 1962), composer. A French-American composer, she studied composition and performance practice at the Amsterdam Conservatory with Ton de Leeuw and Jaap Schröder, followed by a degree at Duke University (USA), where she received three prizes for composition, graduating with the distinction summa cum laude. In 1989, she was recipient of an ASCAP young composer's award, which allowed her to continue compositional studies in Paris with Ton de Leeuw and Julio Estrada. There she was trained in the classic electroacoustic school of the Groupe de Recherche Musicale where she was in residence in 1992. From 1991-1997, she participated in the activities of both Parisian centers presided by Iannis Xenakis, Les Ateliers UPIC (currently CCMIX) and the CEMAMu research centre. As head of musical production at Les Ateliers UPIC, she had the opportunity to work with resident composers such as Iannis Xenakis himself, Jean-Claude Risset, Luc Ferrari, Paul Méfano and Yuji Takahashi. During this same period she taught electroacoustic studio techniques and composition as part of an eight-month program. In 1997, she completed a DEA (Diploma of Advanced Studies) degree at the University of Paris VIII (Saint-Denis), under the direction of Horacio Vaggione, on the impact of electroacoustics on acoustic thought and composition in the exploration of the continuum and of noise. Moving to Los Angeles at the end of 1998, she was invited to be composer-in-residence at the University of California at Santa Barbara for the 1999-2000 school year. In 1996, The Computer Music Journal selected her work, Comme étrangers et voyageurs sur la terre to be included in their 20th Anniversary Sound Anthology CD.

Catarina Pratter

(born in Vienna, 1977, resident in Vienna), composer. She is also known as “55orondy”, “55.rnd”and ca.tter. After completing studies at a Viennese arts school in 1996, Pratter, fascinated by techno and the musical trends that followed, devoted herself to the production of electronic music. She soon found the ideal partners for her project in Martin Stepanek and Matthias Lichtenegger. Their mutual project is called 55orondy. There followed numerous releases and live appearances. Later on, at the request of the Berlin labels Sue. mi and Monika Enterprise, Pratter began to do solo releases. her characteristic vocals, about which critics cannot agree whether they are sensitively enchanting or absently abstract, represent a fixed element of both projects. Further musical personalities of Catarina Pratter are “55.rnd” and “ca.tter”- with the second she has rediscovered her love for dark moods and abstract beats.
Releases: Yes, we’ve got rhythm!, 55orondy, (Cheap Records, 2001), My critical hertz, 55orondy (temp-records 2003/2004), Maybe you don’t exist, solo release (Sue.mi and Monika enterprise).
Appearances: Der Fremde (The Stranger ) by A. Camus- composition for the stage by Simone Blattner (Bayrisches Staatsschauspiel, 2000), live at the Moodclub (Sao  Paulo, 2002), Tuvalu- Island and Culture, radio play by Caroline Hofer, production and composition (BR, WDR, ö1, SRG, Deutschlandradio, Südwestfunk, 2004)
Awards: Red Bull Music Academy (Sao Paulo, 2002)

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Caterina Palazzi

(Roma, 05 Febbraio 1982), contrabbassista. Nel 1998 suona nel gruppo “Barbie Killers” e nel 2002 frequenta a Roma la scuola di musica “Saint Louis”. Suona con il “Caterina Palazzi quartet”, il “Sade Mangiaracina trio”, il “Satin Dolls quartet” (un gruppo jazz tutto al femminile), il “Giorgio Cuscito & Lady Project”. Partecipa a “Garbatella jazz Festival 2005/2006 ”, alla rassegna “Vieni a via Giulia 2005”, al “Lucca Jazz Festival 2006”, al “Terni Jazz Festival 2006”. Prima classificata al “Baronissi jazz 2006”, è presente alla rassegna “Jammin‟ 2007” a Cavea.Con il proprio quartetto ha partecipato al “Wolf Festival 2008” e ha lavorato in diversi festival con il “Patrizia Scascitelli Quartet”. Oggi si dedica completamente al jazz suonando il contrabbasso in numerose formazioni jazz tra cui il suo quartetto con il quale propone sue composizioni originali: “Delitto e Castigo”, “La guerra dei mondi", “Sassi neri”, “La vedova nera”, “Vampiri”, “La lettera scarlatta”, “Berlino Est”, “L‟ultimo metrò”, “Volere è potere”.