Maja Osojnik

(born in 1976, in Slovenia, resident in Vienna), composer. The Slovak musician Maja Osojnik, has made a name for herself as recorder player, singer, composer and electronic musician in various projects of early, new, experimental and loud, agitated music. She completed her master’s degree in recorder and an instrumental and vocal pedagogy diploma at the Vienna university of Music with distinction. She studied jazz singing there as well at Konservatorium Wien University. Osojnik has been awarded numerous Prizes and scholarships, among them: Gradus ad Parnassum 2003, YYAP- EM 2004(1st prize Ensemble MIKADO), Voices Jazz Fest Vienna Award 2005, SKE (LFO), Publicity prize 2007. She concertizes throughout Europe on well-known stages and at recognized festivals with various groups. Among them the Maja Osojnik Band, Ensemble MIKADO, low Frequency Orchestra, Frufru and Subshrubs. Osojnik partecipates as a guest in many other projects (Bulbul, Toxic Dreams)
Works/publications: Oblaki son rdeči, Slovenian folk songs with the Maja Osojnik band (cd 2006), songs from Mortagapenija for 2 recorders, voices, 2 electric chit, vibr, b, cb (electric bass), batt, electronics, tape and various toys; composition & text & tape: Maja Osojnik (2007), 3.3 vor über. nach for wheel, voice, two Paetzold recorders and electronics (2008)
Performances: Good morning, who are you? with choreographer Vita Osojnik, Arge Kultur (Salzburg, 2006), Aus dem Mund, collaboration of Schweden Wochen, Dischungel Wien and Wien Modern (2007), Vienna Venu(e)s, vernissage and concert of own works by Frufru at the Echoraum, Vienna (2008).
Awards: Bank Austria Artist of the Year (2008)

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