Karen Odrobna Gerardi

Karen Odrobna Gerardi (20/08/1975, Rome, Italy) has finished her musical studies in Piano and Composition at the National Conservatory of Perugia (with Stefano Ragni and Edgar Alandia). She obtained a Degree in Philosophy with a Thesis about Luigi Nono’s Prometeo and she was student at the Darmstadt Ferienkursen with M. Stroppa, I. Mundry and B. Ferneyhough. She was winner at the XXX° International Prize “V. Bucchi” (Rome, 2007) with Se un violoncello diventa albero, at the I° International Prize “J. Villa Rojo” (Madrid, 2009) with Sur le bout de la langue and the honour mention at I° International Prize “Audire Musica delle Sfere” (Asti, 2012) with Che ‘l giardin dello ‘mperio sia.... Her chamber and symphonic compositions had been performed in many festivals and musical seasons in Italy and other countries. Her compositions are published by EMEC (Madrid), Fondazione V. Bucchi (Rome) and Taukay Editions (Udine).

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