Neva Özgen

Kemençe player and composer was born in 1977, Ankara, Turkey, started her music education by playing flute, and then Clarinet at the Istanbul Technical University conservatory. After pursuing her interest in Turkish classical music she decided to study and master Kemençe and work with Alaeddin Yavasca. Neva has deeply immersed herself in the works and taksims of
Tanburi Cemil Bey, Münir Nurettin Selçuk and Bekir Sidki Sezgin. Her father Ihsan Özgen is recognized as one of the most important performer/composers of the school of Turkish classical music influenced Neva greatly. She has accompanied him in performances of Turkish classical music in Europe, USA, and Turkey. She played on two recordings, Aegean and Balkan Dances and Masterworks of Itri and Meragi, by the Turkish classical Anatolia Ensemble. She is also featured on a recording entitled Women Composers and Performers of Turkish Classical Music. Neva has performed with Orchestras in England, Butch Morris' group in New York, Hugh Marsh, Ben Grossman, Brenna MacCrimmon, Montreal Tribal Trio, Atlas Ensemble, Nederlands Blazers Ensemble, Nv/Elect.Voices, I²stanbul Authentic Turkish Music Ensemble, Shujaat Hussain Khan, Peter Murphy, Mich Geber, Kudsi Erguner, Frangiz Ali-Zade, Javanshir Guliev, Theo Loevendi, and Karman Ince among others. Neva Özgen's debut album Legacy was released in September 2001 by Golden Horn Records.