Julide Özçelik

Singer, songwriter was born in Istanbul, Turkey 1980. She began her musical education in the pop music department of Müjdat Gezen Arts Center. She graduated in 1998 having studied with such pop veterans as Selmi Andak, Melih Kibar and Hakan Şensoy, who are among the most outstanding composers and arrangers of Turkish pop music. She was admitted that same year to İstanbul Bilgi University’s music department on a full scholarship. There she was taught vocal technique by Nükhet Ruacan, Randy Esen and Yıldız İbrahimova; she also had the opportunity to study harmony, singing and classical Turkish music under musicians such as Can Kozlu, İmer Demirer, Selen Gülün, Donovan Mixon, Ricky Ford and Timur Selçuk. She had her debut album "Jazz Istanbul Vol. 1" released in early 2008 in which she sang her own songs and interpreted Anatolian folk songs in Turkish jazz forms.