Perihan Önder-Ridder

Composer was born in Manisa, Turkey, 1960. She started her music training by playing mandolin and cura at the age of seven. She studied at Izmir State The conservatory and Ankara conservatory at early age. She took the advance degree of composition from Ankara State conservatory in 1979. She taught at Izmir State conservatory for a year and than went to Istanbul for her doctoral studies and received her degree at 1987. On a grant program from Hungary, she went to Budapest for a year and studied composition at Liszt Music Academy and Musicology at the Hungarian Musicology Institute. Perihan Onder-Ridder has collected many folk songs, especially laments from different regions of Turkey. She has been living in Dartmund, Germany and teached in Turkish Language Instruction and Music Instruction at Dortmund Universities. She holds the copyright of her works.