Birgitta Holst Olsson

(born in 1943 in Lapland, Finland), composer. She studied music education in her home country Sweden and later in Denmark. In 1974 she graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Music and began his work as a music teacher in Copenhagen. Birgitta Olsson Holst composed and published a number of works for children, including musicals based on Norse mythology, as well as several books for individual intuition. For years she composed the music for the great oboe project Oboboom. Team oboe was formed to strengthen the oboe in music schools, and has Bridget composed pieces for up to 60 oboes, English horns and rhythm section. Birgitta Holst Olsson studied composition privately as well as in 1998-1999 at the Malmö Academy of Music with Hans Gefors. In addition to music for several documentaries, she has written chamber music. Her composition string quartet Winter in the North is a tribute to Northern Sweden overwhelming nature. A major inspiration for the piece was the winter landscape in the north.
Selected Works: Chamber music: Kammermusik II; Kammermusik III; Sig noget Pjerrot; Oh Gud, min kærlighed; Vinter i nord Music Drama: Djævelens dans; Djævelens Løb; David og Djævlen; I En Lille Hytte. Piano Aftenro; Margit Viola; Skumring; Ungarsk dans.
Awards: the first prize in the Nordic competition for women composers with string quartet Winter in the North, 1998

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