Reyes Oteo

(born in 1982 in Sevilla, Spain, resident in Berlin). Composer. She studied at the Conservatory of Málaga obtaining the higher title of Composition. Her interest in electroacoustic music and its interrelationship with other musical and artistic disciplines in general, and more specifically between Art and Technology, has led her to carry out work in this line. In this way, she obtained the highest qualifications in Electroacoustic Composition with media with her work Tehom in 2004. Interaction with the public is present in her works through live audiovisual improvisations in the sample Live Cinema (Experiencias VJs) of the Eutopia Festival of Cordoba (2006), participation in Infinity multimedia project. Also through tours with her works with the dancer and choreographer Katie Duck and the Magpie Music Dance Company (Amsterdam), or through her collaboration in the Improvisation Multidisciplinary Festival in the "Espacio Creación L'mono" of Bilbao and La Aretoa foundation. As a performer of electroacoustic live music she has collaborated on premieres of composers such as Francisco José Martín Jaime (Prelude to the opera Medea), as well as concerts with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Málaga in the Teatro Cervantes, among others.
Selected Works: Abisal; Alumbra, 2002, vl, vlc, fis; Axolot, 2002, vl, vlc, pf; Empezar el juego; Endechas; Fin, s, chamber orchestra; Fragmentos para dominar el silencio; Fuego en Castilla, 2004; Herrena; Magog; Soldado del cielo; Tehom, 2003.