Madeleine Östlund

(born in Malmö, resident Malmö/Sweden), is a vocalist, arranger, drama leader and composer. She started to sing in choirs as a child. Later she did many productions together with the theater company Studioteatern in Malmö. She is a woman with many interests and has studied many different subjects such as an introduction course at EAS (Electronic Music Sweden). She studied at Reykjavik singing academy in Iceland and she also studied piano for a while but later on turned towards jazz music. Just to mention some of her interests, she had a workshop in throat singing. Her music has been broadcast on Swedish Radio. Östlund has worked with musicians such as Mathias Landaeus, Karl-Martin Almqvist, Andy Fite, Håkan Goohde, Mattias Windemo, Johan Leijonhufvud, B.G. Sahlin, Mats Andersson, Per Sjödin, René Sandoval, Max Schultz,Mathias Hjorth and Loic Dequidt among others.
Selected works: The sunken land, lyrics Madelein Östlund; Pictures, dreams; Vattenvägar, lyrics Madeleine Östlund.
Selected recordings: So it sings, 2006, Jiva Records.

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