Maggi Olin

(born in1961, resident Malmö/Sweden), is a jazz composer, pianist, arranger and pedagogue. She studied at Berklee College of music and graduated with a IE/piano degree. She also studied to music pedagogue at Malmö Academy of Music and currently teaches piano and ensemble at the same university. Olin has released nine CDs in her own name but has also recorded with other artists such as Ingrid and Christine Jensen, Sofie Norling, Cennet Jönsson, Peter Danemo, Donny McCaslin, Maria Schneider, Gary Thomas, Clarence Penn, Lena Willemark, Miriam Aida, Karl-Martin Almkvist, Anders Bergcrantz, Thomas Frank, Torben Waldorff and Amanda Sedgwick. She has toured with her own music to festivals and clubs in Canada, Mexico, the US, Sweden, Denmark, Turkey, Spain and Germany. And among the festivals where she has performed, are can Montreal Jazzfestival, Vancouver Int. Jazzfestival, Rochester Int, Jazzbaltica-festivalen, Istanbul Jazzfestival, Eurojazzfestival in Mexico City, IAJE festival in Toronto, Copenhagen Jazzfestival, Århus Int. Jazzfestival and Umeå Jazzfestival. Olin has also arranged music to bands like Relay orchestra, Pappas skägg and Daish Toneart. She plays in many different bands: Nordic Connect with Ingrid and Christine Jensen, Davids Angels with Sofie Norling, Scott Stroman/Cennet Jönsson vocal group, Kopa Orchestra and Mats Ingvarssons HOPE. Olin has also co-composed together with Swedish saxophinst/composer Cennet Jönsson and written music in collaboration with lyricist/vocalist Sofia Feuer. Strong melodies are important in her music. In the mid 90's Olin was one of the arrangers and founders to the festival Gal's n'jazz.
Selected recordings: David's Angels, Substar, 2010, Kopasetic; Eliveation, Eliveator, 2010, Kopasetic; Maggi Olin & Cennet Jönsson, Relay, 2007; Nordic Connect, Flurry, 2007, Artist Share; Maggi Olin Band, Le Specialité, 2005, Prophone; Maggi Olin Band, Live at Fashing, 2005, Prophone; Maggi Olin Band, Dreams, 1999, Prophone; Maggi Olin Band, Landofme, 1996, Prophone;
Publications direction: Available at Svensk Music/Swedmic AB
Awards, selection: SKAP (Swedish Copmosers of Popular Music) 2002; Jazzkannan 2004; Jazzkatten 2008; 5 -years grant The Swedish Arts Grants Committee 2011-2014.

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