Tamara Obrovac

(born on 1 April 1962 in Pula, Croatia), composer, singer and flutist. She is one of the most impressive artists on the Croatian music scene, and in the past few years has become very popular due to the influence of the Istrian folk music that has been the creative force of her works. Tamara Obrovaric is one of those musicians to whom jazz is a path to understanding music as a whole. It has led her to an intensive investigation of her own regional music awareness, so she offers us a passionate musical journey throught the Istrian and Mediterranean spaces and times. She writes lyrics in local dialects, of Slavic and Romanic origin, and sings in different endangered Istrian dialects like Istriotic and Istroromanian dialect. In the 1980s she started her musical career in Zagreb in 1980-s when she discovered jazz, having graduated in flute at the music school in Pula. The combination of Istria and jazz found its complete articulation on her next CD, Ulika, whiel Transhistria 2001 inaugurated the new ensemble and the new sound (rhytm section and acoustic guitar and accordion) which would gain its definite form on the following two CDs, Sve pasiva 2003 and Daleko je 2006, fully establishing the new expression and the new ensemble with which she would become more and more recognizable on the European Jazz scene and gain the acknowledgement of the international audience and critics. She is the creator of the multimedia project PANPHONIA ISTRIANA dedicated to the Istrian dialects and, since 2010, she has been the director of Valamar Jazz Festival, Porec Croatia.
Selected works: CDs: Triade, 1996; Ulika, 1998; Transhistria, 2001; Sve pasiva/Everything fades away, 2003; Daleko je/Is faraway, 2005; Neću više jazz kantati/I won't sing jazz any more, 2009, Madirosa, 2011, in collaboration with string quartet Epoque.
Awards: Professional jurry award for best score for short film " Contrada", director Matija Debeljuh, Croatian film days 2013; Porin (Croatian National Music Award) for best female vocal performance, the song "Tango and cha cha", CD Madirosa, 2012; 42nd PIF–International Puppet Theater Festival, The International professional Jury Award for the music in the theatre show "Svarozic", performed by the Zagreb Puppet Theatre (Zagreb, Croatia) 2009.

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