Ingrid Oberkanis

(born and resident in Austria), composer. She studied percussion at Anton Bruckner University in Linz and at the University of Music and Performing  Arts in Vienna. For many years she played as an orchestral musician in the Jeunesse Orchester Linz and in the Junges Orchester Wien (Young Orchestra of Vienna). Upon completing her studies, she increasingly turned to jazz and non European rhythms, taking lessons from Dudu Tucci (Brazil) and Josè Eladio Amat (Cuba). She has played with acts including the Vienna Art Orchestra, Wolfgang Puschnig, Jamaaladen Tacuma, Dave Samuels, David Friedman, Krzysztof Dobrek and Ursula Dudziak, and she has appeared  at a number of international jazz festivals. She also works in the field of improvised music, contemporary music and world music. As a percussionist and a composer, she is currently working with actress Brigitte Karner and the jazz ensembles “ Strange Ahead and e.o.s”, and she is also a member of the Vienna Art Orchestra.
Discography: ich, die ich dich liebe, with Brigitte Karner (cd, Purplerose, Records 2007), Vienna Art Orchestra (cd, Universal, 2007), strange ahead, with Ilse Riedler, Jojo lackner and Lukas Knofler (Cd  ATS Records 2008)
Apperarances: at jazz festivals, including those in Vancouver, Krakow in Paris.
Awards: Hans Koller Award as “Side (wo)man of the Year” (2004)



Ingrid Obled

(born in France), electroacoustic music composer, sound designer, bassist and accordionist. After university studies in social sciences - psychology section and studies conservatory bass and electroacoustic composition, she was Winner, in 2006, of the International Competition Musica Viva Electroacoustic Composition in Lisbon and her play Si je regarde was published on the Miso record label in 2007. She works the sound in various forms and in conventional or atypical places (in the forest, homestay, etc.). Her creations are made from various sound materials and, since 2011, she collects words through interviews, thus opening a new dimension to her compositions: the meaning of words as musical material.
Selected works: Voyage entre deux mondes, sound creation made from interviews and sound materials, 2014-2012; Spectaculaire aléatoire, sound installation created for the AIMC - FIAC in the Tarn, France, 2013; La tresse and Le souffle des pierres, electroacoustic compositions, texts by the poet Sarah Turquety, 2010; Si je regarde, electroacoustic composition, awarded the competition International Electroacoustic Composition Musica Viva, 2006.
Recordings: 2014 (edition coming), Spectaculaire aléatoire, Catalogue of 10 artists exhibited in June 2013 for + si affinité, contemporary art festival, FIAC (Tarn), France in collaboration with FRAC network of contemporary art, Midi- Pyrenees, France; 2013, Si je regarde, edition on the Label Miso Records – Lisbon, Portugal, electronic music vol. III – Musica Viva Competition, Prize Winners 2004 – 2005 – 2006; 2010, La tresse, Le souffle des pierres, Edition by the editions en pages, en paroles, independent label.



Ivana Ognjanović

(Ruma, 4 th October, 1971) completed her studies in composition at the Faculty of Music in Belgrade with Zoran Erić, and in 2007 gained her Masters degree in multimedia composition at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg. Her interest in electronic music and multimedia led her to Joanna MacGregror who commissioned Ship in embrace of the Endless Dark Ocean for the multimedia project Ultramarine which was eventually released on Joanna’s CD Play. She worked with actress Ana Sofrenović for the theatrical productions Whole (Cochrane Theatre, London) and Coda. In Germany she worked with director David Gierten for the FalshgelD project within Connecting Media - Multimedia-Kongress and Voiceover, as well as the Mozart-Projekt with director Maria Popara. Ognjanović is active as a pianist and programmer presenting her interactive composition PlayWithMe - Play for Disklavier. Her music is published in Serbia and in England and presented for many festivals including the International Review of Composers (Belgrade), Salisbury festival (England), Connecting Media (Hamburg), Elektronische Nacht (Stuttgart), Making New Waves (Budapest), Bipolar (Berlin, 2007), Music festival of Skopje (Macedonia), and in the USA. She has created installations and music for other artists, performances and exhibitions and is one of the founders of the European Bridges Ensemble (EBE), created in 2005, specialized in Internet composition and performance. With this ensemble she has presented Hebbel Am Ufer - Hau 2 in Berlin. Her works include: Poslednji bal Margarete Nikolajevne, for orchestra (1997), Frisch Musikfrucht, for chamber orchestra (1997), Ray of Dark (2002), Talk to me (2003).